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In the previous article, we introduced the paper video display stand in detail. Through the combination of pictures and texts, I believe you have a certain understanding of our video display stands.

In this chapter, we will introduce one of the most commonly used video display stands, acrylic video display stands.

acrylic display stand

customized acrylic display stand

Acrylic display stands are used in various occasions for product display, such as electronic product display stands, cosmetic display stands, car display stands, jewelry display stands, watch display stands and so on. There are several very important reasons why acrylic display stands are so popular. 

First: Acrylic is with highly moldability and can be customized into various shapes.

 Second: Acrylic has good hardness and flexibility. 

Third: The cost of acrylic is not high, and it can be customized whether it is a large quantity or a small order.

video marketing acrylic display stands

Ordinary acrylic display stands are mainly displayed with pictures, while our video acrylic display stands go a step further. It perfectly combines video modules and acrylic display stand to display and promote products through video marketing. The marketing effect is very good.

different styles of video acrylic display stands

simple video acrylic display stands

First of all, what we want to introduce is a simple video acrylic display stand. As shown in the figure:

cust acrylic advertising player

This video acrylic display stand is a wedge-shaped acrylic back with a video module glued on the back, without a back cover. It is powered by plug-in mode, without any control button. It’s simple but practical. It is very suitable for display on the front desk.

There is also this style without buttons, which has a back cover, as shown in the figure:

alloygator hd advertising display

video acrylic display stands with product display position

None of the above two video acrylic display stands has customized product display positions on the display stands, and the display stands often have product display positions. 

lighting acrylic display stand

so as to our video acrylic display stands.

For example, this video acrylic cosmetic display stand:

advertising pop up display

and this product display stand:

pop display stand

and this product promotion display stand:

pop marketing display stand

video acrylic display stands with control buttons

None of the above three acrylic display stands have control buttons, they just have a simple looping video function. We have supplied customized video acrylic display stands with buttons for many customers, as shown in the figure:

video module options

For our video acrylic display stands, there are generally three choices for video module, video brochures module, digital photo frame (finished product, open digital photo frame or electronic module), and tv in a card. The reference pictures are as follows:

lcd video brochure module
video brochure module
tv in cards
tv in a card

video acrylic display stands power supply

The video acrylic display stands are basically plug-in playback, which is also our recommended way, because the display stands have a relatively long playing time in a day and the built-in battery is not enough to support that long time.

acrylic display rack

Okay, that’s it for the introduction of the video acrylic display stands. As you can see, the video acrylic display stands we supply to our customers have different functions and shapes, and they are all customized display stands. If you are interested in our products and want to customize video acrylic display stands for your company, please feel free to contact us. If you have any questions, you can consult us at any time. We will give you professional answers as soon as possible.

Kimins Technology, a professional manufacturer of video acrylic display stands, serves you sincerely!


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