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In the previous three articles, we introduced three of the four types of video display stands, namely paper video display stands, acrylic video display stands, and metal video display stands

Each has its own advantages compared to other styles. The paper video display stands are rich in colors, the acrylic video display stands have many comprehensive advantages, and the metal video display stands are sturdy and durable. 

Today in this article we will introduce the last type of video display stands, which is the plastic video display stands.

plastic video display stands cases

The three video display stands introduced before are customized styles while the plastic video display stand is considered our standard style video display stand. It is a style purchased in large quantities, and we do not support customization.

desktop video display stand

The first case we want to introduce is a video display stand used as a desktop display stand. As shown in the figure:

acrylic video player

It is a simple style with a base and a part with lcd screen like a tv in a card. The part with lcd screen can be drawn out to facilitate charging. This style of video display stand is very suitable for display of dishes in restaurants and hotels, and of course it is also very suitable for display of clothing in clothing stores. The video display can stimulate the desire of customers to order and purchase.

video display stand shelf promotion

The other one to be introduced is a video display stand for shelf display and promotion, as shown in the figure:

video shelf display

It is a video display stand with a 5 inch LCD screen. In order to ensure the sound quality, the front panel has a hole on the left and right sides, and the back panel has 5 buttons to control video and picture playback. Because it is a shelf video display stand, you can clearly see that there is a board or a bracket at the back, which is used to insert on the shelf.

Do you think this product is particularly familiar? Yes, that’s right, it can actually be seen as a 5 inch digital photo frame. 

7inch lcd screen digital photo frame

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In fact, the digital photo frame can be regarded as a plastic video display stand to some degree as it’s plastic material.
And one of our advertising machine products is specially used for restaurant and hotel ordering advertising machine, the function is similar to the first style introduced above. But it has more complete functions and more professional. And one of them with wireless function can charge customers’ mobile phones, which is very convenient.

display stand design
wireless charge advertising display monitor

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Well, that’s it for the introduction of the plastic video display stands. If you are interested in the style of our video display stands, welcome to consult and place order. If you want to customize video display stand, please feel free to contact us. You can send us an email, chat with us on Skype, or call us directly, we will reply you as soon as possible and give you professional answer.

Kimins Technology, China’s professional video display stand supplier and customize manufacturer, serves you sincerely!


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