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Metal video display stands is a style that is rarely selected in our video display stands. We introduced the paper video display stands in the first article. Its advantages are that it is cheap, the shape can be fully customized, and the color is rich. In the second article, we introduced the acrylic video display stands. Its main advantages are that the shape is easy to customize, the price is moderate, and the hardness and flexibility are good. So what are the advantages of metal video display stands? In this article we will introduce them one by one.

metal display stands advantages and disadvantage

The biggest advantage of a metal display stand is its sturdiness and durability. For the paper display stands and acrylic display stands we introduced before, there is no problem in customizing the small-sized desktop display stands, but it will not work if you customize the large-sized floor-standing display stands. The metal display rack, whether it is a small-size desktop display stand or a floor-standing display stand, can be easily customized.
In addition, the removable design of the metal display stand minimizes the packaging and transportation volume of the metal display stand. The metal display stands has a wealth of accessories, and each component can be recorded and installed.

The disadvantage of metal display stands is that the price is relatively high, and the shape is not easy to customize compared to acrylic display stands. In the later stage, electrostatic spraying, baking varnish, high-end craftsmanship, the disadvantage is that the color is not as rich as the paper display stand.

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Below we introduce several metal video display stands that have been supplied and customized to customers.

metal video display stand

This one is a common metal desktop display stand with lcd screen. You can see that it is a display stand for speakers, with 4 buttons that can control the playback of music.

display stands manufacturer

This one is a customized metal video display stand we supplied for DJI drone product display. It has 8 control buttons and DJI logo with led light display. The entire display stand is matte, low-key and restrained, yet high-end.

display stands manufacturer

In addition, this one is also a metal display stand with led lights. 

The display stand with led light can set the color if you need, which is not only more cool, but also can attract customers’ attention in this way, which is very effective.

extractable tv in a card in metal video display stand

We mentioned in the previous article that tv in a card is one of the video modules of video display stands, and the same is true for metal video display stands. For example, the following model:

metal display stand
tv in a card 7inch lcd screen

A special feature of this video display stand is that the tv in a card can be freely drawn out, which facilitates charging, so you can choose the built-in battery (of course, it is recommended to add a human body sensor to increase the playing time), or you can choose to plug in Electric power supply. The display stand part adopts the combination of metal and transparent acrylic. We can supply the entire video display stand, or you can customize the display stand by yourself. We only supply the tv in a card part.

metal display stand with lcd screen and bracket

display stands manufacturer

This is a special metal video display stand, because it has a stand, which can be used as a desktop display stand when supporting, and can also be used as a hook to hang on the shelf for product display and promotion. Very special and creative design!

This is the end of the introduction of the video metal display stand for the time being. Although we only introduced a few models, I believe you are already very interested in our metal video display stands. If you also want to customize metal video display stand for product display and video marketing, please feel free to contact us. We specialize in supplying and customizing video display stands for customers.

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