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Some time ago, we introduced the video brochures and video boxes in detail. Today we are going to introduce the video display stands.

Video display stands are mainly divided into four styles according to commonly used materials to introduce, including paper video display stands, acrylic video display stands, metal video display stands and plastic video display stands.

In this article, we are introducing the paper video display stands.

different bracket on video display stands

The paper video display stand is developed from the video brochure, which can be said to be a kind of video brochure, but we classify it as the video display stand because it is mainly used for display.

As we mentioned in the previous article, the TV in a card with a bracket on the back becomes a video display stand. The reference case given in our last article is the style with this bracket, as shown in the figure:

paper video display stand

We have many cases of this style of video display stands, as shown in the figure:

and special shaped style like this case:

video mailer brochure

In addition to the above bracket stick on the tv in a card, we also have another bracket, as shown in the figure:

This kind of bracket is more stable and can also be folded. foldable bracket makes the video display stands more easier when packaging in carton box.

video desk calendar

If you add a calendar to this style, then it is what we call a video desk calendar, as shown in the figure:

This style is very suitable and very popular as a New Year gift send to customers.

In addition, we have another similar style, as shown in the figure:

Video display stands usually take a long time to play, so most of them are powered by electricity which is plug-in, and paper video display stands are the same.

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